How we do it



InnovationLab assists its clients to develop innovative future technology, business and social solutions. The InnovationLab solution development process is shown in the diagram above. Each step is described below.

Scenario development takes place in the form of a narrative and visualised model of possibilities, probabilities and preferred futures in a market or social application environment where the solution is placed in context with the expectation of the customer or user, showing the potential interaction and impact of the solution with the delivery environment, and the potential for deploying various technology options and choices.

The business architecture considers for the most likely scenario the business (or social) benefits of the solution and the business processes to implement it.  It includes business modelling, market dynamics analysis, road mapping, user requirement specification, human-technology (user) interface specification and human-technology impact analysis.

The system architecture is a detailed technology and systems specification to support the business architecture, and is based on the user requirements emanating from the interaction of client/user with the virtual model of the solution emerging from the scenario(s) selected. 

The Business Solution Prototype is a virtual visual representation, supported by narrative, of the solution and contains the technology solution, integrated and customised to the client/user requirement developed.   

The implementation and resource plan looks at how the solution will be developed, what resources are required and over what time frame the solution will be implemented. 

Development and Roll-out: This involves the actual development and rollout of the solution. InnovationLab acts as advisors and provide guidance on the final development and roll-out of the solution, either in the client environment or through outsourced service providers.