Mission and Objectives


InnovationLab brings the future of how we live, work, play and transact within reach of our clients and let them virtually experience it by immersing them into scenarios of business-to-be, based on our knowledge of human behaviour and emerging technologies and our ability to map the integration and convergence of these technologies.

InnovationLab (Pty) Ltd has as its objectives to:

  • Translate the innovative capacity we all have as human beings to real solutions
  • Create a virtual environment where future business and social solutions based on emerging technologies can be ideated, visualised and simulated
  • Speed up the time from idea to marketplace by catalysing innovation processes
  • Create an environment where the technology debate and its impact on our social and business worlds of the future will be stimulated
  • Excite the youth about their future career prospects by showing them how the world they will operate in will work
  • Convert strategy into action

InnovationLab offers a mixed innovation environment, with elements of open innovation and proprietary innovation. InnovationLab (Pty) Ltd is owned by Manchu Group (Pty) Ltd and TechnoScene (Pty) Ltd, both companies having been in the business of strategic alignment and consulting in knowledge, innovation and technology management with more than 45 years' combined experience in developing and applying innovative business solutions.